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We realize you textile projects from the development to the series production


Creazioni Mario is an historical factory of the textile industry with more than 30 years experience in the production of textile products, outerwear, baby carrycots, fashion accessories and articles with leather or fur inserts.
The challenges of the global market have transformed the factory, from producer of medium-large textile articles productions, into a production reality for small/medium production batches but of high quality, able to fulfil the ideas of the customer, following each single development phase, from planning to sample realization, and then to series production.
Creazioni Mario is supplier of some of the most important European motor producers, and takes care of development, planning and supplying of accessories for cars, for OEM and after market.


UWe use the most modern mechanical and textile CAD to develop each sort of project. We can supply you a complete support to realize your idea; we can offer you our support in each phase, from conception to realization of the first prototype.




We are by now one of the few producers in Italy who realize textile tailoring production as third party.
We have toolings for almost all the textile productions: cut, tailoring and textile/mechanical assemblies, including high frequency welding to realize stuffed components.




You can contact us to have more information on the products or if you need to receive a quote on a product or project.