Products and Production

  Sunblinds and accessories for cars

We are suppliers of some of the most important car producers; we supply sunblinds made on the exact shape of the window and other accessories developed on specifications. 


 Cut department

lectra cutting

The cut department is composed by:
·         2 single ply cradle layer-up, to spread fabrics and battings
·         1 automatic cut with knife blade vibrating
·         1 cut table for hand cut
·         1 air blowing/vacuum table useful to cut high thickness of batting   


 Tailoring atelier

laboratorio confezione

The tailoring atelier has got more than 70 sewing machines to cover all the needs of a textile production.
Buttonholing machines, 1-needle lockstitch machines, 1-needle 3 transport machines, folder edge machines, programmable machines to do complex shapes, 2-needles machines, overlock /safety stitch machines, and so on.


 HF welding

welding HF

The high frequency welding is used normally to join the edges of two plastic films. In the textile environment it is used to create a sandwich composed by a batting soul between two fabrics. We can obtain sandwiches with complex and precise shapes in a very short time. 


  steel Wire bending

We own also a wire bending machine, particularly indicated to produce medium parts and long development parts and/or with several curves, symmetrical or closed on themselves, normally used in automotive environment, for appliances and in internal or external furniture.